Trump Calls for Congressional Term Limits in Colorado: ‘This Is Another Brexit’

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Washington, DC

Donald Trump rallied his supporters in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Tuesday afternoon, telling them this election is another Brexit, referencing the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union earlier this year and also calling for term limits for Congress.

“We’re doing great. If we keep our spirit and if we go out and win, this is another Brexit, believe me,” Trump told his supporters. “I don’t believe the polls anymore.”

Trump’s reference to Brexit — and how most polls on Brexit were wrong — comes after several national polls have him behind Hillary Clinton.

The Republican nominee continued his attack on the media during the campaign rally, saying it is “just an extension of the Clinton campaign.”

“The press has created a rigged system and poisoned the mind of so many of our voters,” he added. “This is an election about truth.”

Trump also called for congressional term limits.