Colorado Millennials Support Trump: Under Hillary, Economy Will Fail and We Won’t Be Able to Afford College

Courtesy of Michelle Moons
Courtesy of Michelle Moons
Durango, CO

DURANGO, Colorado — Three teen girls cheered on the Trump-Pence ticket with their friends at a rally in Durango, Colorado, on Wednesday in an effort to make their voices heard. Though they cannot vote yet, they told Breitbart News that they want people to know the candidate they believe will deliver the best future.

“We’re here to support Trump especially because, like, it’s very liberal here. We want to show that we really care about our country and what values we have,” high school student Afton Mann said of their support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Brooke Buccowich told Breitbart News that she and her friends came out to show that their generation “actually cares about this election,” that millennials “want to have a say in it.” She acknowledged that they were still too young to vote, but that this was their way of saying, “We want Trump.” Asked why they support Trump, Buccowich responded that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton does not have a good “future plan.” She said, “She just doesn’t know what she’s doing with the country and, like, I don’t think she could support the country as well as Trump could.”

Asked if they thought Trump would represent them and their interests well, Elise Gilliland said, “I believe that Trump will do whatever is best for our country, even if it offends some people. I think he’s gonna do what’s best for us, and I think that Hillary just wants to look good in front of everyone, and that’s not, that’s not what our president needs to be doing.”

Education was one of the issues Mann said was important to them. “We all want to be able to go to college, and with Hillary’s plan, she says that we’re gonna get free college, but there’s no way that can happen,” said Mann. “We need to promote more jobs and make businesses larger so that we can do that, so I think that’s a big thing that Trump’s promoting that we support.”

Gilliland added, “If Hillary’s elected, then our economy’s gonna fail, and none of us will be able to afford college.”

Asked if they are contemplating whether they will be able to get jobs after graduating college, Buccowich agreed that as millennials, they care about jobs and “the future for America in general.”

The girls followed up by saying that they debate in class with their fellow students and that many of their friends feel as they do and want to see Trump elected the next President of the United States.

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