Hillary Clinton: ‘Boy, Do I Care A Lot About Our Constitution’

Hillary Clinton
The Associated Press

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke about the rule of law in the United States, and professed her love on the Constitution, during a campaign rally in Pittsburg.

“Boy, do I care a lot about our Constitution,” she said, citing her experience traveling the world as Secretary of State.

“I met a lot of people who envy us because we’ve been so steady and so committed to our constitutional system and our values,” she said.

During her campaign, Clinton has vowed repeatedly to use executive action to institute more gun control laws and go above Congress to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Clinton suggested that Donald Trump was trying to act outside of the independent court system, by repeatedly calling for her to go to jail.

“Every time Donald Trump says he wants to jail his opponent, meaning me – I think to myself, we don’t do that in America,” she said. “We actually have laws and courts and an independent judiciary.”

She suggested that Trump was threatening the First Amendment by challenging the press.

“I get criticized by the press. I know that’s part of our democratic system,” she said. “We believe in a free press, and boy, if you go to countries where there isn’t one, you will understand why that is so important.”