NY Post: Team Trump Ready to Blame Loss on Paul Ryan — But Leave Speaker Alone!

Win McNamee/Getty Images

The latest op-ed by the New York Post Editorial Board asserts that Donald Trump’s campaign seems ready to blame House Speaker Paul Ryan if Trump loses. The Post is quick to defend Ryan from any complicity in hurting the GOP nominee’s chances.

From the New York Post:

Team Trump has begun to hint that, if The Donald loses, a big reason will be the “betrayal” by House Speaker Paul Ryan. That gets things exactly backward.

The Trumpers’ venom could have widespread repercussions — further dividing the party, hurting down-ballot candidates and even threatening Ryan’s re-election as speaker if the GOP holds the House.

Which would be a disaster for both Republicans and the entire country.

It’s past time for The Donald to accept that if he loses this election, it will be his own fault and no one else’s.

Paul Ryan has been an effective speaker, a thoughtful policymaker and the best leader the GOP could have on Capitol Hill.

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