GOP Ad Slams ‘HillaryCare’ As Obamacare Premiums Soar

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The Republican National Committee has a new ad featuring Obamacare’s skyrocketing premiums, alongside bragging by Hillary Clinton that the healthcare law was called “HillaryCare.”

“It was called HillaryCare before it was called Obamacare. I don’t want to start over,” Clinton told supporters in June in Iowa.

“Hillary Clinton’s tone deaf promises to expand ObamaCare will only mean a greater strain on the finances of many American families,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in a statement. “Hillary Clinton has for years touted her own botched healthcare plans as the blueprint for this trainwreck of a law that was designed to fail, and the almost daily reports of skyrocketing premiums, disappearing options, and collapsing state exchanges will remain a reality if she is president.”

“The best way to hold Hillary Clinton and Democrats in Congress accountable for this mess is to elect Donald Trump president and return Republican majorities to the House and Senate so we can pass patient-centered healthcare reform that won’t cripple family budgets,” he added.

One Obamacare architect said more staggering increases were on the way. “There’s a million people for whom this is going to be severe — or uncomfortable,” admitted Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on CNN Tuesday.

Arizona residents saw their premiums skyrocket 50 to 75 percent for 2017. Similarly, Michigan residents saw increases in their premiums. Minnesota saw premiums increase from 50 to 67 percent.