Football with Mike Pence on Iowa Airport Runway: ‘This Is What They Call Delay of Plane’

Michelle Moons
Fort Dodge, IA

FORT DODGE, Iowa — Campaigning took an interesting turn for Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence when a delay at New York’s LaGuardia airport led to football tossing next to a tarmac where the Trump-Pence plane sat waiting to take off.

Members of Pence’s staff, the media, Secret Service and even his daughter Charlotte joined in throwing the football around at the Fort Dodge International airport as the group waited for a delay at destination airport LaGuardia in New York.

Video and photos document the high energy of the running mate to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, throwing, catching and running short plays with those from aboard the plane.

This video shows the governor throwing the ball with his daughter Charlotte who has been traveling with the campaign:

Campaign officials informed the press that Pence did play football his freshman year of high school as well as participated in wrestling. He still enjoys tossing around the football from time to time.





Airline employees communicated that the delay at LaGuardia kept the Trump-Pence plane on the tarmac in Iowa due to rain and high traffic at the LaGuardia airport.

Pence held three rallies in three states on Wednesday as part of a west coast swing that included rallies in two more states headed back east and saw healthy, enthusiastic crowds. The first stop on Wednesday was Reno, Nevada followed by a heavily overflowed event in Salt Lake City, Utah that brought out 2,300 people and a third event in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Thursday the governor rallied for the Trump-Pence team in Omaha, Nebraska and Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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