EXCLUSIVE–Florida Cuban Community Reacts to FBI Reopening Clinton Email Investigation

Trump, Cubans John Locher AP
John Locher/AP

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to members of Congress informing them that the FBI was reopening the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email scandal. According to the New York Times,”New emails tied to the FBI’s Clinton inquiry were discovered during the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting.”

In the all-important swing state of Florida, members of the Cuban community have seen this kind of intentional deceit and lying in order to gain and hold onto power before. Many members of the Cuban community have either lived under the communist Castro regime or have immediate family members who did. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her actions remind them [Cubans] of the brutal regime they fled. Friday’s revelations by the FBI further deepen the Castro connection for many with whom Breitbart News spoke.

According to Carlos Arias, founder of Cubans for Trump:

Well, Karma’s a B***h just like ‘Her.’ If you’re ‘With Her,’ you’re enabling the right to be a felon, thief, and a lyin’ witch (Bruja Mentirosa in Spanish). You could only lie for so many years. Also, the Clinton Foundation can’t pay the FBI enough since its Director’s integrity is on the line. He’s not going to take the fall for someone who could obviously care less about anyone but herself or her corrupt family. She defends and enables a rapist husband and she could care less about the needs of Americans. Her attacks lack any basic foundation of truth and are oftentimes fabricated in order to further brainwash the masses. Enough is enough. Justice will be served, before or after Trump is elected. It’s time for tangible legitimate change! Hillary in prison would only further America’s advance to be both relevant and great once more!

When asked if Clinton’s behavior reminds him of the Castros, Arias responded, “Strikingly similar yes. She’s pushing a socialist agenda where the government knows what’s best for us and we have little to no say. Very much like communist Cuba. The silent majority is fed up. Go vote early like I did. Let’s show her that our country still has hope and patriotism. Unlike her.”

Co-founders of the Facebook group Cubans4Trump, Jose Uz and Ariel Martinez think:

They know TRUMP is winning, case is reopened — November 8th TRUMP wins, November 9th Hillary’s indicted — if Obama pardons her before he leaves office, she’s is off the hook and the Obama/ Clinton legacy is that power allows you to be above the law. If my layman prediction is correct, it will be a black eye for America and it’s history of being a country ruled by laws not by man. None the less, this could be the October surprise that’ll become the excuse for Hillary’s loss.

When asked if Clinton’s behavior reminds them of the Castros, Uz and Martinez responded, “absolutely Cuba is not defined by the rule of law, neither is North Korea, Venezuela and the like. These countries are defined by the rule of man and the evil of totalitarian absolutes. Certainly, we keep the hope and faith that America’s justice system and the rule of law does prevail because our main concern is always for America and it’s history of Liberty and equal justice.”

Arisley Travieso founder of the Trump Street Team Florida pointed out all the evidence of corruption that has been released by Wikileaks and the Project Veritas videos:

Now we have four things to watch everyday: The FBI Investigation, WikiLeaks, Podesta Emails, and the Project Veritas videos. I think since Comey closed the FBI investigation tons of new email and video evidence has come out on illegal conduct within Clinton Foundation, DNC, and many other things. Its about time these things get a serious investigation.

When asked if Clinton’s behavior reminds him of the Castros, Travieso replied, “Yes the things we are watching unfold in the United States resembles what my family ran away from in Communist Cuba.”

Ileana Garcia, an “Independent not Republican Trumplican Activist-Founder of Latinas For Trump”  says:

Hillary has once again proven her power as a world renowned elitist. She knows the trenches well and has an almost apocalyptic manner in handling collusion and corruption very similar to the Castros in Cuba, Kirchners in Argentina, and Chavez in Venezuela. Kennedy was clear when he played the embargo in Cuba so that this very wicked crooked ideology would not spread hidden behind social programs that enslave people thru debt and taxes like bailouts, ObamaCare, illegal immigration, and open borders. In Cuba the media indoctrinates everyone and intimidation is the national anthem. It’s eerie. Watching the investigation reopened and everything else surface via Wikileaks, I ask myself where are the ANTI TRUMP Republicans gonna stick their heads? Many of them now openly supporting Hillary? Mr. Trump has enlightened us that it stopped being Democrats and Republicans a while ago. They are the elites with an agenda for themselves.

In a previous interview with Breitbart News, Uz warned his friends and neighbors:

This is the last stop. If we lose America there is no place else to go. You were lucky enough when you lost Cuba, you had a generous wonderful country, that opened its arms to all of us and allowed you to come in [and] establish your families, expand your education, open businesses, raise your children in freedom, and to live a prosperous good life. If we lose America to socialism, there is nowhere else to go. Please, please don’t be stupid, don’t listen to the rhetoric. Fidel Castro killed millions of Cubans with his rhetoric, and we fell for it. Please don’t fall for it twice.