Texas Breaks Early Voting Records: 2.6 Million Already Cast Their Ballots

March 1, 2016 in Rosenberg, Texas.
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

A Dallas CBS affiliate reports that the Lone Star State is already breaking early voting records, with millions of ballots cast ahead of Election Day.

Texas’ ten biggest counties have sent in some two million votes since Tuesday, with some counties seeing as much as a thirty percent increase in early voting over the last two presidential elections.

The Star-Telegram reports that the state’s 15 largest counties have sent in 2.6 million votes—that’s 27 percent of all registered Texas voters. “Four years ago, 1.87 million Texans, 21.6 percent, had voted at this point. Eight years ago, 1.77 million voters, 20.9 percent, had weighed in, state records show,” the paper reports.

A record 15.1 million registered to vote in Texas in 2016. Population growth in Texas suburbs has in part fueled early voting.

Early voting in Texas continues until Friday.