Washington Examiner: FBI Releases Documents on Probe of Marc Rich Pardon


From Washington Examiner‘s Sarah Westwood:

The FBI has released 129 pages of documents from a decade-old investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s 11th-hour pardon of financier Marc Rich.

Rich and his ex-wife were generous donors to the Clintons and gave heavily to the construction of Clinton’s presidential library in Arkansas.

According to the files, Eric Holder, then a former deputy attorney general, was “the only person at DOJ notified of the pardon sought by Rich.” Clinton did not follow the proper procedures when pardoning Rich on the final day of his presidency.

The FBI‘s public corruptions unit handled the case, which ultimately yielded no criminal charges for anyone involved.

James Comey, then a U.S. attorney, reportedly took over the investigation from Mary Jo White. Comey was critical of Holder’s involvement in the pardoning controversy, which he called a “huge misjudgement” on the part of Holder.

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