Poll: Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton by Eight Points on Honesty

Washington, DC

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by eight points on the issue of honesty and trustworthiness, according to the Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll published on Wednesday.

Trump tops Clinton 46 percent to 38 percent on the honest and trustworthy factor in the poll. In September’s poll, Trump and Clinton were tied on that issue.

“Independents and Democrats are where Clinton has lost the most ground to Trump on the question of honesty since early fall,” reports the Washington Post.

The poll results show that 90 percent of Republican voters disagree with how Clinton handled questions about her private email server as secretary of state, while 67 percent of independents disapprove. The results suggest even 29 percent of Democratic voters disagree with how Clinton handled the issue.

The survey was conducted October 28 to October 31, with a national sample of 1,773 likely voters. The overall results have a 2.5 percent margin of error.