Melania Trump Rallies in NC with Her Husband: ‘This Is So Much More Than a Political Campaign; It Is a Movement’


Melania Trump joined her husband on the campaign trail in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Saturday at a rally, where she told supporters to get out and vote, declaring that this is not a political campaign, but rather, a movement.

“I have known this man, Donald Trump, for 18-years. Donald is a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He’s strong. He’s determined, bold, and decisive. He’s also compassionate, thoughtful, giving, and loving,” she said of her husband, who approached her at the podium and gave her a kiss:

Trump’s son Eric and his wife, Lara, who is originally from North Carolina, also joined the Republican nominee at the rally.

“Donald cares so deeply about this country. He could no longer sit by and watch American jobs to be lost,” Melania continued.

“My husband is not a lifelong politician,” but rather, a businessman running for president for the American people, she added. “It has been over 500 days since Donald announced he was running for president. He has loved going all over this beautiful country.”

“This is so much more than a political campaign; it is a movement,” she declared.