Paul Ryan: Vote Republican

Paul Ryan Reuters

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan urges the electorate to vote Republican in an op-ed at In case you are looking for Donald Trump’s name it appears in the second to the last paragraph.

This election offers a fundamental choice: between staying on the current path of decline, or taking a better way that offers more freedom for every single American.

Only Republicans are offering a better way. A unified Republican government will dedicate itself to reclaiming our founding principles and solving the country’s problems. This is not just a vague promise — we have put on paper the details for how we will address the big challenges of the day. It’s a six-point plan called “A Better Way”:
1. Fight poverty by tying welfare to work and making sure it always pays for people to work and get on the ladder of opportunity.
2. Keep our country safe by securing the border, restoring our traditional alliances and rebuilding our military so we can confront radical Islamist extremism.
3. Grow the economy by developing our energy resources, ending bailouts and making unelected bureaucrats go through Congress for a final vote before regulations go into effect.
4. Restore the Constitution by restoring the separation of powers and setting higher standards for transparency and accountability.
5. Repeal Obamacare and all these skyrocketing premiums, so we can replace it with patient-centered solutions that empower you to pick the plan that meets your needs — not Washington’s mandates.
6. Fix our tax code and make it fairer and simpler — so simple, in fact, that families can do their taxes on a form the size of a postcard.
This is our job as leaders: to offer positive solutions and empower people. Our duty is to tackle our problems before they tackle us.

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