Emergency! Hillary Clinton Sends Obama to Save Michigan

President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd of 16,000 people while campaigning for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the University of Chapel Hill on November 2, 2016 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. President Obama mentioned the Klan.
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

President Barack Obama is making a last minute stop to Michigan to whip up support for Hillary Clinton in order to save the state from supporting Donald Trump.

According to CNN’s Jeff Zelany, campaign sources said that President Obama wanted to go back into Iowa but was told that it was “out of reach” and to go to Michigan instead.

The Clinton campaign appears worried about upper mid-west states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota that are traditionally safe Democratic states.

Clinton also made a last minute stop in Detroit on Friday to encourage voters to go to the polls.

Obama will travel aboard Air Force One on Monday morning to campaign in Ann Arbor, Michigan before jetting back to Philadelphia to hold a final event with his wife Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Obama is is campaigning in Kissimmee, Florida today.