Teenager Who Vandalized Houston GOP’s Campaign Signs Made to Hold Trump Sign in Public

AP Photo/Matt York
AP Photo/Matt York

A teenager who sliced two Trump campaign signs in Houston, Texas agreed to hold up a Trump sign in public after apologizing to the local GOP office.

Luis Juarez, 18, cut two Trump signs in half with a pair of scissors in his college hall. “It felt good to do it, but not everything that feels right is right,” Juarez told local news station KHOU.com.

Instead of calling the cops and pressing vandalism charges, the Eagle County Republicans struck a deal with Juarez.

Juarez agreed to replace the signs, write a note of apology in the local paper, and hold up a Trump for president sign on a busy street for a couple hours.

Local liberals rallied around Juarez with “Coerced” signs with arrows pointing to him.

Juarez didn’t like holding the sign: “This is what a Donald Trump presidency looks like. Force people to support someone they don’t support.

“These signs are private property. You can’t just do whatever you want with them,” Republican Kaye Ferry said.

The Eagle County Republicans also said they have had a number of Trump campaign signs vandalized.