Washington Times: ‘The Tarring of Steve Bannon’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In an op-ed in the Washington Times, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro defends Steve Bannon, writing that the “charge that Trump’s chief strategist is an anti-Semite is sordid — and wrong.

From the Washington Times:

If Mr. Bannon were anti-Semitic, I cannot imagine he would have interacted with me in the complimentary and diplomatic fashion that he did, being a person of Jewish faith and heritage.

It also flies in the face of reason to suggest Mr. Bannon is anti-Semitic since many of the editors and lawyers working at Breitbart News were Jewish, including its founder, Andrew Breitbart.

Based on my overall personal experience with Mr. Bannon, I cannot believe he is an anti-Semite or racist. Such allegations are inconsistent with the person I know. Mr. Bannon is a staunch, pro-American patriot who believes in playing hardball with the left and his personality shows it.

One could equate his views to being nationalist, but not white nationalist. As an investigative reporter who has spent several years covering the white nationalist movement, I know the difference.

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