Poll: Voters Think Donald Trump Tweets too Much

Washington, DC

Most voters think President-elect Donald Trump uses Twitter “too much,” according to a Morning Consult/POLITICO poll.

Fifty-six percent said they think Trump uses Twitter “too much,” while 16 percent said the President-elect uses Twitter “about the right amount.” Five percent said Trump doesn’t use Twitter enough.

Forty-nine percent of the people surveyed said Trump’s use of the social media platform is “a bad thing.”

Thirty-seven percent of the poll’s respondents who voted for Trump say he uses Twitter too much. Forty-two percent of Republicans agree.

Forty-eight percent of Independents and 75 percent of Democrats think Trump uses Twitter too often.

The poll questioned 1,401 registered voters on Dec. 1 and Dec. 2. The results have a plus or minus 3 percent margin of error.