Donald Trump to Silicon Valley: ‘I’m Here to Help You Folks Do Well’


President-elect Donald Trump met with some of the top Silicon Valley tech executives this afternoon, praising them for their innovation and promising to help them succeed in their business.

Trump also took credit for the post-election economic jump in the stock market, remarking that the executives should thank him for that.

I want to add that I’m here to help you folks do well. And you’re doing well right now. I’m very honored by the bounce. They’re all talking about the bounce,” he said. “So right now everybody in this room has to like me – at least a little bit – but we’re going to try and have that bounce continue.”

Trump didn’t mention his plans to enforce stricter immigration restrictions, or his plan to reform temporary work visas, but explained that he wanted to make it easier for tech executives on trade.

“We’re going to make it a lot easier for you to trade across borders,” he said, citing restrictions and border problems.

Trump promised to make himself and his administration available to the executives so that it would be easier for them to create more wealth and jobs for the country.

“We want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. There’s nobody like you in the world. In the world. There’s nobody like the people in this room,” he said.

The meeting was attended by Google’s Larry Page, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla Motors Inc. CEO Elon Musk, and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella as well as several others. Trump’s advisors Reince Priebus and Steven Bannon attended the meeting as well as Trump’s children Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner also attended.

Trump appeared unusually gracious in public, despite the fact that those in attendance almost unanimously supported his opponent Hillary Clinton for president, donating millions to her campaign. Reporters were allowed into the meeting for brief opening remarks before they were escorted out.

He praised Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, one of the few technology executives who supported his campaign, for putting the meeting together.

“[H]e saw something very early, maybe before we saw it,” Trump said. “And of course he’s known for that in a different way. But he’s been so terrific and so outstanding … He’s ahead of the curve.”