‘Thanks Donald’ — Donald Trump Takes Credit For Growing Economy

President-elect Donald Trump, left, accompanied by Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, right, and Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, a senior adviser to Trump, center, speaks to members of the media at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016. ()
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The American economy is improving, and President-elect Donald Trump wants the credit.

“The U.S. Consumer Confidence Index for December surged nearly four points to 113.7, THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN MORE THAN 15 YEARS!” he writes on Twitter.

“Thanks Donald!” he added, in an apparent attempt to kick off a slogan similar to the sarcastic “Thanks Obama” slogan that blamed the President of the United States for anything bad that happened.

Trump’s message triggered liberals, who immediately sent outraged messages in response.

“This guy Donald Trump is out of his mind,” wrote Keith Olbermann in response. “‘Thanks Donald!?’ Seriously? Not ‘Thanks – Donald’ or ‘My thanks’ – HE’S THANKING HIMSELF.”

Former Hillary Clinton staffers also reacted with scorn on Twitter.

“Stop trying to make “Thanks Donald” happen. It’s not going to happen,” wrote Clinton’s former Social Media director Emmy Bengtson in response to Trump’s message.

“Wouldn’t be the first time a white man, took credit for something he had nothing to do with,” wrote Clinton’s former Deputy Millennial Director Jamira Burley. “Next you’ll take credit for the moon landing, winning the civil war, discovering America.”

“And just like that Trump has duped everyone into making his compulsory narcissism trend, again,” wrote Christopher Huntley, Clinton’s former director of millennial media. “He does this on purpose, he’s like a toddler throwing fits for attention. And the world continues to give him just what he wants. #notnormal”

Other bewildered fans of the current president reacted with disbelief at the president-elect’s audacity.

“Are you trying to make a thanks, Obama type thing happen here?” wondered former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau responded, “Maybe seek help before you take the oath.”