***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Vegas Rally

U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he walks onstage for a campaign rally at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 20, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trump is in town to support the re-election campaign for U.S. Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) as well as Nevada Attorney General and Republican …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Friday afternoon rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

5:03 PM: Trump concludes his rally by telling Nevadans that the “best is yet to come.”

4:59 PM: Trump says the survival of the nation is at stake on November 3. He says the Second Amendment is under siege but they are “not touching it” as long as he’s there.

4:55 PM: Trump going over his accomplishments, emphasizing his appointment of Supreme Court Justices.

4:45 PM: Trump says he didn’t now how dirty the Swamp was and a lot of the media are a part of swamp.

4:40 PM: Trump again criticizing A.B. Stoddard, elevating her debate comments that hardly anyone had heard about until he started obsessing about 10 seconds of criticism.

4:38 PM: In the important swing state of Nevada, Trump again gripes about a movie he admitted he has not watched–Parasite–winning best picture. Wants to bring back Gone With The Wind. No mention of Sunset Boulevard this time after even his supporters wondered what in the world he was talking about last night in Colorado. He wants great movies again and rails against “computerized” movies, presumably referring to 1917.

4:30 PM: Trump says the Democrats’ open-borders policies are killing innocent Americans every day. Trump detailing brutal MS-13 crimes in Vegas and praising ICE officers for deporting them. He says left-wing politicians support “deadly sanctuary cities” and oppose detention of illegal immigrants.

4:25 PM: Trump hitting the left for allowing open borders to allow drugs to flow into America and poison citizens. He says Washington elites want to put the needs of illegal immigrants above those of American citizens. He says they want illegals to get a lifetime of free health care, welfare, education. He says illegal immigration cost Nevada taxpayers more than $1.5 billion every year. He says we could rebuild every city in the United States with the amount of money Washington wants to spend on illegal immigrants.

He says Gavin Newsom is a “clown” for saying he wants to give free health care to illegal immigrants because people who didn’t know they want to come now want to go to the Golden State.

4:18 PM: Trump talks about ending the “tyranny of the federal bureaucrats” through regulatory reform.

4:13 PM: Trump asks: “Who in this audience is Hispanic?” Lot of cheers. Trump says Hispanics understand crime at the border better than anybody, and it’s wrong to say he will lose the Hispanic vote if he builds the wall.

4:11 PM: Trump says the unions are with him because he is for the working man and woman “whether you’re union or non-union.” He says he will have “tremendous success” because a lot of the Democrats are going to ruin the private  health insurance plans unions got through collective bargaining.

4:05 PM: Trump introduces the Adelsons and talks praises Sheldon Adelson’s love of Israel.

4:00 PM: Trump speaks about Soleimani being the father of the roadside bomb and asks: “Where is he now?”

3:55 PM: Trump mocks “Mini Mike”–and his height–for spending $500 to get embarrassed by Pocahontas. Trump says Pocahontas is “mean” but would be “easy” to beat in a general. Trump mocks Alfred E. Neuman but says he’s probably the best debater out there. He thanks “schmuck” Tom Steyer and “Nervous Nancy” for pushing impeachment and raising his poll numbers.

3:51 PM: Trump says his administration has been killing terrorists and raising wages for Americans of all backgrounds while Democrats push their hoaxes.

3:48 PM: Trump calls up someone who has been to 80 rallies (Wall suit). He also calls up a guy wearing a “CNN FAKE NEWS” shirt.

3:45 PM: Trump continues to rip Comcast. He says Comcast is worse than CNN. He is now talking about Jake Tapper’s social media posts and says he really believes Tapper’s wife likes him.

3:40 PM: Trump rips MSDNC and Comcast. He says Comcast is “rotten for our country.” He says Comcast is a “TERRIBLE company” run by terrible people. Trump says one of the only good things Jeff Zucker has ever done in television was signing him to host the Apprentice.

3:38 PM: Trump wonders why Bloomberg didn’t bring up Pocahontas’ fake heritage when she was “yelling at him.” Trump says Pocahontas won the debate because she was hitting Mike “too hard” and “he couldn’t respond.” Trump says everyone says he won the debate.

3:37 PM: Trump says the Democrats tried to overturn the last election and it end up in a “big, fat failure.” Trump says any poll the fake news gives you is a “fake.” But he says he was leading by many points in a mainstream Wisconsin poll.

3:35 PM: Trump says Democrats like Hillary Clinton are “sick” for saying Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein are Russian agents. Trump talks about how Democrats think about how Putin wants Trump to get elected. A very weird pivot after the Miracle on Ice celebration. Trump says he wants to get along with Russia, China because “who the hell wants conflict.”

3:31 PM: Coach Herb Brooks’ daughter gets on stage as Trump gives Eruzione some time to honor the late coach. He says there was never a moment when the players didn’t respect Brooks. Sign of a great leader. Brooks’ daughter says, in her personal opinion, he would have been a Trump fan.

3:30 PM: Trump again saying he doesn’t get how Parasite got best picture.

3:26 PM: The Vegas Golden Knights flew 14 members of the Miracle on Ice team to honor them. Trump calls captain Mike Eruzione to say a few words. He can’t quite pronounce his last name. Nearly all of the players are wearing red KAG caps.

3:22 PM: Trump marks the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. Trump already whining/complaining hat he won’t get thanked in eight years for helping to bring back the Olympics.

3:19 PM: Trump gets on stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center to get the rally started. Trump says Democrats have a big election tomorrow but he’s already won the state. Trump says he hates to say that Democrats will have a lot of problems tomorrow because their “computers are all messed up” like Iowa. Trump mocks Democrats–“They can’t count votes.” Trump says he has a beautiful building down the road and loves the state. Trump predicts a “big landslide” in Nevada.

3:10 PM: Trump is getting ready to take the stage.

2:55 PM: Pence tells Trump supporters to wear red MAGA hats to the next Las Vegas Raiders game. Raiders are one of teams, along with the Patriots and the Titans, reportedly in the running to sign Tom Brady.

2:36 PM: Mike Pence takes the stage to get the rally started. “What a month it has been,” Pence says. Record Republican turnout in Iowa. Historic State of the Union address. Trump received more votes in New Hampshire than any incumbent president in 30 years. The United States Senate cleared Trump on all charges and justice was served/Constitution defended. He says Trump was “acquitted forever.”


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