***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Virginia Rally

US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Toledo Express Airport in Swanton, Ohio on September 21, 2020. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump will hold a Friday evening rally in Newport News, Virginia.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

10:15 PM: Trump concludes another energetic rally. A big day ahead tomorrow for Trump.

10:10 PM: Trump rails against rioters knocking down statues of Robert E. Lee and talks up his decision to “reinstitute an old law” that calls for 10 years in prison for people who knock down federal statues.

10:03 PM: Trump says he will be “so embarrassed” if Biden wins after he campaigned his ass off and Biden didn’t. Trump says he thinks he will win “big” because of the “hidden” Trump vote.

9:56 PM: Trump says Democrats are going “crazy” think about how he will appoint three Supreme Court Justices.

9:55 PM: Trump says he wants a “very friendly transition” but says “we don’t want to be cheated.” “We’re not going to stand for it,” Trump says of cheating after saying the only way he can lose the election is through “mischief.”

9:51 PM: Trump says he likes finding out the winner on Election Night. He says he could be leading on Election Night and ballots will keep coming in and in and in … Trump says Democrats who run Pennsylvania and North Carolina are in charge of the count. He talks about ballot harvesting and says in most cases it is “illegal as hell” and “this is a disaster waiting to happen.”

9:46 PM: Trump says he loves it when Biden says the country should have done this or that because Biden has been here for 47 years.

9:45 PM: Trump honors Gold Star families who are in attendance. He asks Virginia’s governor to open up the schools and says he has spent the last four years reversing the damage Biden has inflicted on the country the last 47 years.

9:37 PM: Crowd boos when Trump says Biden wants to give free health care to illegal immigrants and indoctrinate Americans with “toxic” lies about America. Trump talks up his 1776 Commission that will teach kids that America is the most exceptional nation on the face of the earth and getting better all the time.

9:35 PM: Trump says Kamala goes “crazy” if you pronounce her name wrong. Trump then says “she’s like a comma.” He reminds the crowd that Harris is “rather further left than Crazy Bernie. This is what you want? I don’t think so.”

9:28 PM: Trump wonders what his numbers would be had he not been “tarred” with a witch hunt for four years. Trump says “they were the ones that were involved with Russia. It was a whole disinformation campaign.”

Trump wonders what would his popularity be if Americans hadn’t heard four years of Russia “bullshit” every day for the last four years. Trump says he was unjustly accused by a “bunch of treasonous crooks.” Trump says he thinks they will have to pay a “very substantial price.”

9:24 PM: Trump says there is more enthusiasm at his “peaceful protests” than there was four years ago because he has done such a great job.

9:22 PM: Trump says Biden is “weak” and surrendered his party to flag-burners and anti-police anarchists. Trump says he could fix up Portland so fast but he has to be invited in….Trump says he could fix it up in less than half an hour like Minnesota.

9:21 PM: Trump again mocks the early lids on the Biden campaign. Trump says if Biden does “just okay” in the debate, the fake news will say it was the greatest debate performance in history and “Winston Churchill was nothing compared to Sleepy Joe.” Trump says the fake news have a couple of scenarios already written. Trump says if Biden does poorly, the fake news will say he wasn’t too bad.

9:18 PM: Trump warns if given the power the radical left will pack the court with extremists who will take “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

9:17 PM: Trump says he is watching Democrats saying how terrible it is that Trump is appointing someone. Trump says “we have the right” because “we won the election.”

“Tomorrow I think is going to be a big day,” Trump says, adding that he hopes his nominee will be on the Supreme Court for 50 years.

9:15 PM: Trump tells the crowd he will be announcing his nominee to the Supreme Court tomorrow. Crowd chants “fill that seat.” Trump says “the Republicans have been very unified.” Trump says even a couple of people who usually don’t vote with Republicans are on board. Trump says “we have a lot of time left” before the end of the term. Trump says the single biggest thing a president can do is to appoint Supreme Court justices because it sets the tone for 40 years.

Trump says “we are going to take back the House” because “people are tired of Crazy Nancy.” He says Pelosi doesn’t want to give out stimulus checks for “political reasons.”

9:12 PM: “We’re going to put in a heavy play in Virginia,” Trump says. “I think we can win.”

9:08 PM: Trump says Sleepy Joe endorsed Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam and therefore endorsed his anti-gun agenda.

Trump says he woke up this morning and read the fake news, went to Florida to do an event “with the Hispanics,” and flew to Atlanta to do an event with the black community, and then flew back to Washington for another roundtable…

“Just wind me up and put me in, coach,” Trump says he told his advisers before the Virginia rally.

Trump talks about an ABC News/Washington News poll that has him leading in Florida. He says nobody has seen a Republican poll so well with Latinos since maybe in the days of Lincoln…

Trump says Abraham Lincoln must not have been into courting Latinos since he had more important things to do.

9:07 PM: Trump talks about bringing in the “heavy artillery” (Mike Pence) to Virginia and says: “Kamala is no Mike Pence.”

9:05 PM: Trump says he was told not to go for Virginia and he says he said: “Why not?” Trump talks about the state’s “crazy governor.”

Trump says the state has a “crazy governor” who favors “execution of the baby” and “who thinks he is Michael Jackson.” Trump says he thought he resembled Michael Jackson when he was young.

Trump says based on the governor who wants to take away guns, he said “let’s give Virginia a shot.”

9:03 PM: Trump says this is the most important election in the country’s history and immediately brings up gun control in Virginia.

“If Sleepy Joe Biden is elected, your Second Amendment will be eliminated and your firearms will be confiscated, whether you like it or not,” Trump says.

Trump says Biden vows to impose “punishing taxes” on gun owners and “wage the most aggressive war on gun rights in U.S. history.” Trump says Biden will disarm law-abiding Americans while there will be riots down the streets.

He says only by voting for him can you save the country and the Second Amendment.

9:01 PM: Trump begins his rally in Virginia as a poll released this week found Trump getting 14 percent support among black voters in the state. Trump said he is familiar with Newport News and did work there for his father. Trump also thanks “the great people from North Carolina” and asks if anyone is here from North Carolina.

8:59 PM: Trump about to address the audience.

8:45 PM: Trump expected to speak at the top of the hour.


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