***Live Updates*** Day 4: 2020 Election Results

Election personnel examines a ballot as vote counting in the general election continues at State Farm Arena, Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are battling over Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

All times Eastern.

11:50 PM:

10:57 PM: Biden says he hopes to be speaking again to Americans tomorrow.


10:54 PM: Biden says tensions can remain high but we have to remain calm and patient as the votes are counted. He says “democracy works” and “your vote will be counted.” He says the purpose of politics it to solve problems and guarantee justice and give everyone a fair shot instead of endless warfare. He says we may be opponents but not enemies. He says we have to put the “anger and demonization” behind us.

10:49 PM: Biden: “We’re going to win this race.” He says there hasn’t been a final declaration but he is going to win clearly and convincingly. Biden says he is proud of how well he has done across America, saying he rebuilt the blue wall in the middle of the country and will be the first Democrat to win Georgia and Arizona in over two decades.

Biden says what is becoming clearer is that a record number of Americans chose change over more of the same and gave him a “mandate” on a host of progressive issues. Biden says people spoke “loudly” for his ticket. He says while people are waiting for the results, he and Harris are not waiting to get their administration started.

10:35 PM:

10:10 PM: Georgia: There will be two Senate runoffs.

9:10 PM: Arizona:

9:05 PM: Michigan:

8:55 PM: Bernie to progressives: Be ‘bold.”

8:50 PM: Biden expected to speak:

8:45 PM:

8:30 PM: How scummy do you have to be to get most of the right to agree with AOC? She should also convince her liberal allies in the media to stop platforming these people who represent everything wrong about politics and the shallow punditry-industrial complex that only elevates certain types of people.

7:59 PM: Pennsylvania:

7:35 PM: Georgia:

7:30 PM: Waiting for race to be called.

7:15 PM: Georgia:

7:10 PM: Pennsylvania:

7:05 PM: Arizona:

6:59 PM: Ret. Gen. Hayden thinks Biden should get Trump’s intelligence briefing “now.”

6:55 PM: Nevada:

6:50 PM: Pennsylvania:

6:40 PM:

6:35 PM:

6:30 PM: Pennsylvania: Some more Allegheny County results expected within the next few hours.

6:25 PM: Nevada:

6:20 PM: Arizona:

6:15 PM: Georgia:

6:10 PM:

6:05 PM: Georgia:

5:59 PM: Wisconsin:

5:45 PM: Now these professional grifters want some of the Georgia runoff money they know will be pouring in… will the left and Hollywood be stupid enough to fall for their scam again?

5:35 PM: Pennsylvania: Allegheny County press conference in an hour about the 35,000 votes and 29,000 segregated ballots.

5:15 PM: Georgia:

5:10 PM:

5:03 PM: Georgia: GWINNETT COUNTY:

4:30 PM: Nevada:

3:59 PM:

3:50 PM: Georgia:

3:30 PM:

2:50 PM: Pennsylvania:

2:49 PM: Pennsylvania:


2:40 PM: Pennsylvania:

2:30 PM:

2:20 PM:

2:10 PM:


2:05 PM:

1:55 PM:

12:39 PM: Biden planning primetime address.

12:30 PM:

12:20 PM: AP calls it for Van Drew.

11:36 AM: Nevada: Biden doubles lead:

11:25 AM: Arizona: More broadcast networks projecting Kelly win:

11:15 AM: Arizona:

10:59 AM: Georgia:

10:35 AM:

10:25 AM:

10:20 AM: Trump:

10:15 AM: Pennsylvania:

10:05 AM: Bernie:

9:55 AM: Pennsylvania:


9:45 AM:

9:39 AM:

9:37 AM:

9:35 AM: Georgia:

9:30 AM:

9:20 AM:

8:52 AM: Decision Desk calls race for Biden.

8:51 AM: Pennsylvania: Biden takes lead.

8:35 AM: Pennsylvania:

8:30 AM: Ben Sasse:

8:25 AM: A preview of what is ahead on the left.

7:59 AM: Pennsylvania:

7:55 AM: Pennsylvania: Toomey retiring from politics.

7:50 AM: More vote totals expected at the top of the hour.

7:35 AM: Pennsylvania:

7:15 AM: Georgia: Gwinnett will be one of the most important counties this decade.

7:10 AM: Pennsylvania:

7:05 AM: More results from Pennsylvania expected this morning.

6:59 AM: Biden takes slight lead in Georgia:


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