How to Properly Store and Access Firearms in Your Home

How to Properly Store and Access Firearms in Your Home

An important part of owning a firearm is taking pains to store the weapon responsibly, yet in such a way that it can be readily accessed in a time of need.

For many people this is accomplished by putting the bulk of their firearms in a trustworthy gun safe, but leaving a shotgun, handgun, or AR-15 in a place out of the reach and eye-sight of children. In an emergency, the firearm can be retrieved and used to defend life and property. 

These safes weigh many hundreds of pounds, have steel hinges (or steel guarding the hinges), are bolted to the floor and wall, and are fireproof. The fireproof aspect is crucial if you want to keep a house fire from destroying even a modest gun collection. Proven safes for this purpose are manufactured by Browning, Liberty, and Cannon, among others. 

Some people are uncomfortable even leaving one gun loose for emergency situations. No matter how well they hide it or what precautions they take, they worry that kids will find the firearm. For such gun owners there are two popular options: 1. A GunVault–which is a quick access handgun safe or 2. The RAC–a wall or floor mounted gun rack that you can put anywhere in your home to keep guns readily accessible should you need them.

A GunVault handgun safe can be mounted to the floor or the wall by your bed, and it opens when the right entry combination is entered or when the GunVault combination is overridden with a master key.

The RAC can be mounted in any room in your home as long as it’s mounted to concrete, a wall stud, or floor joist. The RAC holds the firearm in a set of locking bars that can withstand up to 4700 pounds of pressure, according to U.S. Laboratory tests.

A firearm locked in The RAC can be accessed with the master key that comes with the system. 

The RAC has advantages over single handgun vaults in that it comes in two configurations–a 3 inch frame or a 5 inch one. The larger frame can hold more than one gun at a time and either frame can hold handguns, rifles, or shotguns (or a handgun or rifle and a shotgun, with the larger frame). 

In other words, with the larger frame you can keep a Glock m19 9mm handgun and an AR-15 locked yet readily accessible at all times. Or you could keep a Ruger .357 magnum revolver and a Remington 870 shotgun locked yet readily accessible at all times (or almost any other combination of firearms imaginable).

The RAC is built to accommodate “97% of all firearms with a trigger house.”

Of all these options, my personal choice is a fireproof Browning gun safe and the larger version of The RAC. I have a Glock handgun and an AR-15 locked in The RAC right now.  


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