Chicago Third Grader Aces Math Test: 9×9 = 'Hossa'

Chicago Third Grader Aces Math Test: 9×9 = 'Hossa'

When asked what “nine times nine” was on her math quiz, a Chicago third grader answered, “Hossa.”

Maggie Ciara, an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan, initially confused her teacher, Christine Mech, at Columbus Manor Elementary School, who wrote on the quiz, “What is this?”

After Ciara told her that she was referring to Chicago Blackhawks star Marian Hossa, who wears No. 81, she got credit for her answer and received an A+ on the quiz. 

“I thought it would be funny to do it,” Maggie told

Mech, the teacher, said, “Maggie is a very clever little girl … I love the way Maggie has a sense of humor.”

Maggie’s mother posted the quiz on Facebook and so did the Blackhawks after hearing about the story. 

Maggie said she may answer “Patrick Kane,” who wears No. 88, if asked what “11 times 8” is, but noted they have not learned “their 11s” yet. 


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