Madison Rising Infuses Patriotism into NFL Halftime Show

Madison Rising Infuses Patriotism into NFL Halftime Show

As Americans gear up for the NFL regular season where the games actually count, one of the last tune-up contests registered a huge victory this past week. A victory for patriotism.

When San Diego hosted San Francisco at Qualcomm Stadium there was the expected sight of the Chargers powder blue and gold and the 49ers crimson and gold. Perhaps not as anticipated was what fans were treated to at halftime. The golden sounds of a rock band that bleeds red, white, and blue.

While the Bolts and 49ers were back in their respective locker rooms at the intermission, Madison Rising performed for the California crowd. Who would of thunk it? The state that is home to Nancy Pelosi, Bob Filmer, and Governor Moonbeam hosting an act that screams USA, literally and figuratively each time they perform.  

Madison Rising is an incredible group. Four freedom loving guys from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that play in a group named after our fourth president.

“We wanted to bring back some of James Madison’s beliefs,” said Dave Bray, the Keystone Stater of the bunch.

They’ve done just that. In the process, they’ve also brought their message to those that need it most. “You can energize the youth and reach out to them through pop culture,” Bray said.

The song that is particularly making waves right now is one we all know, just never in this form. Madison Rising’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner was written on a train and now it’s gaining steam faster than an Acela Express. This is not your Kate Smith national anthem. The Madison Rising version is as hard as it’s heartfelt. The passion for the song and our country is raw and real. It speaks to patriots. Bray contends it speaks to all.  “It captures how American people are today,” Bray told Breitbart Sports. “Liberal, conservative, young, old, for the war, against the war, it doesn’t matter.”

There was some trepidation writing the song, knowing full well that some don’t like any tinkering with the classic version. But Bray has street cred in this area. He’s not only a talented musician, but a Navy Marine Corps veteran. He sings from the heart and from a personal place.

The NFL isn’t the only notch on Madison Rising’s recognition belt of late. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently linked the video for The Star Spangled Banner on social media. Bray hopes she’ll check out some of their other tunes too like Right To Bear and Ready If It Goes There, both pro-Second Amendment songs.

“When people like Sarah Palin start noticing you, you know you’re on the right track,” Bray said.

While the popularity of the band and their message continues to grow, the guys are having fun. Talking to fans is often extremely rewarding. Sometimes the power of music sways opinion for the good. “We actually flipped a liberal at a show and it was awesome,” Bray said.  

While the band is enjoying much of the feedback from music lovers and patriots alike, they’re hoping more people will give their stuff a listen for a very special reason. The group has set up a web site to send a message to those in the show biz crowd who have trashed The Star Spangled Banner on TV and elsewhere. Madison Rising wants five million hits on their video through the site

They are getting closer by the day.

Palin has stressed the importance of patriotic Americans infiltrating pop culture. No wonder she gave Madison Rising a shout out. They completely get it. 

Except for the Super Bowl, glitzy halftime shows at NFL games are really a thing of the past. Today, fans at the stadium are at the concession stands or in the restrooms during the intermission, while those watching on TV often tune in to other games or check the scores on their phone at the break. When the big acts do come out on Super Sunday, it’s been hit or miss. The NFL has had it’s share of train wrecks from the Janet Jackson wardrobe “mistake” to the Madonna performance that wounded ears and eyes across the world.

Maybe the league will realize much of its audience relishes bands like Madison Rising. Performers that have the same love of country in their hearts as those that are enjoying them play. These artists are out there. Up and comers like Missing Stateside and old pros like Lee Greenwood put a premium on great music that always has our vets and our flag in mind.  

Just days after the Miley Cyrus debacle at the VMAs, it was a breath of fresh air to see Madison Rising rock out at an NFL game. Despite the trash talk of the ignorant and the money thrown around by the gamblers, NFL exhibition games don’t count in the standings. This one between the Chargers and Niners however, solely based on the halftime show, counted for something.


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