'High-Capacity' Magazines: Get 'em While They're Cheap

'High-Capacity' Magazines: Get 'em While They're Cheap

While prices on firearms and ammunition have fallen quite a bit from the highs reached during Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) gun control push earlier this year, the prices on “high-capacity” magazines have fallen even further–and at some outlets have hit rock bottom.

For example, 30-round AR-15 and AK-47 magazines that would have cost $50 to $80 or more January through March can now be had online for $9 to $30. And if you want to go into a store and buy them so you can get them right now and avoid paying the shipping on them, you can still get them for $16 to $34. 

Contrary to anti-gun rhetoric, these 30-round magazines are practical for a homeowner who lives in an high-crime area or in a place where home invasions are common. A homeowner with a 10-round magazine is easily outgunned by two invaders who are each armed, and he is at a horrible disadvantage if he faces three armed invaders. 

In these scenarios a “high capacity” magazine can literally be life saver.

And “high capacity” magazines are not just practical for rifles–police carry 17-round magazines in their 9mm handguns because of the benefit those extra rounds can bring them in a shoot out. 

As with the prices on firearms and ammunition, prices on “high capacity” magazines for rifles and handguns will begin to climb again as soon as Manchin and his fellow Democrats seize on a given crime as justification for more gun control. Between now and then it would be wise to go an online outlet like SportsmansGuide.com or Brownells.com or head into your favorite local gun store and buy ’em up.

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