Chicago Fan Uses Taser on Wife to Settle Bet After Bears Beat Packers

Chicago Fan Uses Taser on Wife to Settle Bet After Bears Beat Packers

A Chicago Bears fan faces six years in prison after he used a taser three times on his wife, who is a Green Bay Packers fan, to settle a bet after the Bears beat the Packers on Monday. John Grant reportedly used a taser twice on Nicole Grant’s butt and once on her thigh. 

The Grants were reportedly in a “Mayville, Wisconsin, bar Monday night to watch the game between the Packers and Bears” when “John said that his wife agreed to a bet that would allow him to use a stun gun on her should the Packers lose.” 

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During questioning, the Illinois man told police that his wife consented to being shocked by the Taser as part of a bet.. Grant said his wife sent a text message to her sons saying that if the Packers lost to the Bears she would allow Grant to use the Taser on her. The man showed police the woman’s cell phone containing the text as well as a video in which she appears to be laughing as the Taser is being used on her, according to the complaint.

When John Grant used the taser gun on his wife three times after the Bears won, his wife reportedly called police from a nearby bowling alley, according to USA Today. 

Nicole Grant “told police she didn’t think her husband would actually use the Taser on her” while John Grant “told police that he purchased the stun guns in Virginia, and was unaware they are illegal to possess in Wisconsin” without a conceal and carry permit. 

In Dodge County Circuit Court on Tuesday, “Grant was charged with possession of an electric weapon, and could face a fine of $10,000 and up to six years in prison if convicted.”


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