Archangel Nomad Kits Convert a 10/22 into Fighting Machine

Archangel Nomad Kits Convert a 10/22 into Fighting Machine

One of the prominent displays at the 2013 SHOT Show was ProMag’s Archangel 10/22 conversion kits. 

As I handled them, adjusted the stock for my arm length, worked the action, and pulled the gun up to check site acquisition, I could not believe how the kit made a Ruger 10/22 feel like a fighting machine. 

I focused on the Nomad–which looks like an H&K military rifle. Gone is any semblance of a 10/22. In its place is a dense, black, rifle with a flash hider, a carry handle, a folding stock, and a 25-round magazine. 

Archangel’s Mike Ballard was standing beside me, explaining one detail then another when I asked: “How much does it cost?”

Ballard said: “About $120 or so, rifle not included.”

So if you have a 10/22 rifle that needs a makeover, you can go to Midway USA or and look at Archangel conversion kits. Archangel has kits for AK-47s and Ruger Mini-14s as well.

I ordered one of the 10/22 kits so I can do an extended, hands-on test of the converted rifle.

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