House Homeland Security Chair Open to Canceling Winter Olympic Games

House Homeland Security Chair Open to Canceling Winter Olympic Games

After visiting Russia this week to examine the security risks for the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the security threat to the upcoming Games is the greatest he has ever seen and was open to canceling the Games if the situation got worse. 

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, McCaul mentioned that Al Qaeda’s call for a “global jihad” during the Olympics was “very disturbing to me in terms of the security at the Olympics.”

“I think you’re probably going to see more of those, like you just saw with that train bombing you had on the program earlier by a suicide bomber,” he said. “And they’re calling for more of these attacks just as of yesterday.  So I think you’re going to see more of these attacks, but outside the perimeter.”

McCaul said though he felt it is not yet “a time to be an alarmist and cancel,” that option should be considered “if this thing gets worse.”

“Maybe we should consider that,” he said. 

As Breitbart’s Mary Chastain has reported, Russia is on the the hunt for a “black widow” suicide bomber. Last week, the State Department warned U.S. athletes that wearing their Team USA gear outside the Olympic Village may put them in danger. McCaul, though, was in favor of  the U.S. team showing up to  the Games to prove to terrorists that they have not won.


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