Crowd Boos NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio During First Pitch At Mets Game

Crowd Boos NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio During First Pitch At Mets Game

Card-carrying Red Sox fan Bill de Blasio was booed twice while throwing the first pitch during a Mets game today. The mayor, who has become increasingly unpopular thanks to far-left education and tax policies, took the booing in stride while pitching.

The New York Post reports that fans booed the mayor twice, once for every time the announcer spoke his name into the microphone. De Blasio, clad in a Mets cap and jersey, was “loudly booed” upon entering and exciting the field.

The newspaper interviewed several fans who came to Citi Field to enjoy a politics-free day of baseball, some with their children, only to be reminded by the mayor’s presence of his wildly unpopular political proposals, including his decision to rescind permission to use public property to three charter schools. One “booing fan” explained that she was “not a fan of his,” particularly his education policy, and demanded that the mayor “get rid of Common Core.” De Blasio lost a major battle with Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo this weekend and the governor rendered his plan to raise taxes on New York City’s wealthy obsolete by providing the city funds for de Blasio’s much sought after universal pre-Kindergarten program.

Another baseball enthusiast generously commented that, at least, de Blasio “threw the ball nice, though.” Meanwhile, CBS2 reports that the mayor was “largely booed” but also received “mild cheers,” though footage makes that claim debatable. According to the New York Daily News, de Blasio himself said that he was not expecting any particular reaction from the audience: “I think everyone’s going to be too cold to respond.”

Mayor de Blasio has had a very rough first few months on the job, with two separate instances of parental outrage: one at his decision to open schools during a blizzard and the second at his decision to not approve the three Success Academy charter schools Mayor Michael Bloomberg had already given a green light to.

The first polls from the de Blasio administration are also not promising. According to the first poll, from Marist University, 57% of New Yorkers thought de Blasio was doing a less than “good” job as mayor, while only 10% believed he was doing an “excellent” job. A Quinnipiac poll found the same trend–de Blasio’s approval ratings had dropped eight points since taking office in January.

Watch Mayor de Blasio receive a cold welcome at Citi Field below: