Money: Gloria Allred Sues Floyd Mayweather for Posting Sonogram of Aborted Twins

Money: Gloria Allred Sues Floyd Mayweather for Posting Sonogram of Aborted Twins

Gloria Allred loves abortion (safe, legal, and rare, of course). Men? Not so much. Rich, famous men? Even less. So, filing a lawsuit against boxer Floyd Mayweather for posting the sonogram of the twins his ex-fiancee aborted seems a no-brainer for the feminist attorney.

“In November of 2013, Ms. [Shantel] Jackson became pregnant by Mayweather,” Allred writes on the case. “Mr. Mayweather was aware that she was pregnant but she did not share that information with her family and only one friend knew that she was pregnant. In December of 2013, a sonogram revealed that Ms. Jackson was carrying twins that Mayweather had fathered, and she told him the news. He asked for a copy of the sonogram, which she sent to him. She had no idea that he would turn that image into a device to inflict emotional torture upon her.” 

After the breakup, Mayweather posted the sonogram image online. “The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion,” the undefeated welterweight tweeted this spring, “and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.”

Jackson said at a press conference Thursday that the public revelation of that private information left her “embarrassed” and “humiliated.” Allred, who has acknowledged terminating a pregnancy, feels no such shame for her decision.

Jackson’s civil suit alleges criminal activity. Allred charges Mayweather with assault and battery, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, and defamation. The timing comes a few days before Mayweather, the highest paid athlete on the planet, takes on Marcos Maidana for the second time in Las Vegas. He’ll pocket at least $33 million for the fight, some of which Allred and her client hope to pocket.

“I took you out of the ‘hood,” Allred quotes Mayweather as telling her client. “I should have left your ass there.” With Shantel Jackson seeking millions in damages, he may second guess his tweet but surely not that assessment.


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