Exclusive – Sen. Lankford at March for Life: Trump Administration Represents ‘Opportunity to Press Forward on Life’

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford told Breitbart News that President Donald J. Trump’s administration and the Republicans in Congress are moving forward on the pro-life agenda.

The senator said Trump has already signed an executive order blocking federal funds from supporting abortion programs overseas, the so-called Mexico City Policy, which refers to a United Nations population control conference held in that city.

“There’s a transition that’s occurred in the executive branch–people feel it and there’s a new momentum to say: ‘There is an opportunity to press forward on life.'”

Next week, the president is expected to name his appointment to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court–critical to the pro-life movement because it may break the current 4-to-4 tie.

But, Senate Democrats have vowed to filibuster the nominee’s confirmation, a legislative tactic that extends debate, preventing a vote. To counter the move, Republicans may change Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.

Lankford acknowledged that the filibuster was a threat, but would not say if GOP senators are ready to change Senate rules.

“We will get our nominee, let me just leave it at that,” he concluded.