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The Dark Star of the Media Cover Up

In response to One Year Later: Why We Were in Benghazi: Great article, John.  Over at my blog, I wrote: Mickey Kaus had an interesting metaphor for explaining odd news coverage. He suggested that sometimes one can feel the presence

Mark My Words: Someone Is Going to Test This President

In response to Another Syria conspiracy: I believe Assad or his goons gassed those people.  I don’t buy Assad’s claim that it’s “illogical” to drop gas weapons where his troops were located.  Of course they were located there.  They were

I Heard…

…that T-Bone had high cheekbones, suggesting some Cherokee blood. I like how at the end Cory Booker’s shadowy, mysterious friend T-Bone “just disappears into the streets” like Bruce Banner at the end of a Hulk episode. Goodbye, Hulk.  Thank you

I'm Not a Fan…

In response to Bradley Manning Will Live as a Woman Named Chelsea: … of the newest plot twist in season 4 of Homeland.

Christian Nation, the Trailer

I don’t know how you guys are missing out on this. So far you guys have missed the Christian Nation study and review guide (with homework questions, no really) and also the Christian Nation teaser trailer:

Serious You Guys There's No Leftist Bias In the Media At All

Apparently a real publisher, W.W. Norton, put out a book called Christian Nation, which is… well a novel, supposedly, for some definitions of “novel.” It’s an alt-history book which postulates that Sarah Palin became President in 2009 or so.  (McCain

Get In Their Faces Update: Faces Successfully Gotten Into

In response to Rodeo Clowns of America Unite! : Just wanted to quote this again: “Disagreeing with speech is one thing. Banning it and ordering citizens into reeducation classes for mocking a liberal leader is another,” said Stockman. “Liberals have

Then Why Isn't There a National Center-Right Newspaper?

In response to The Internet and the Decline of the Post’s News Monopoly: I put that as if I’m challenging you, John.  I’m not.  I was taken with your statement–   Freed from the tether of a physical publication, newspaper’s

Slouching Towards Idiocracy

In response to 10 Secrets to Seduce a Politician? Et tu, Jane Pratt?: That’s truly terrible. It’s terrible personally because most of us had some kind of early hero.  I don’t know who mine would be.  I guess this would

MSNBC's Krystal Ball Thinks That's Exactly Right

I’m filing this under “Culture” because there is no specific category for “Dumb.” Enjoy the Free Beacon’s SuperCut of Krystal Ball stating that everything an MSNBC liberal might say is “exactly right.” Or Absolutely Right. Sometimes she changes it up

Much See TV: Al Sharpton Will Interview Rachel Jeantel at 6PM

Format:  Mr. Sharpton and Ms. Jeantel will take turns bewildering each other.  First person to seven points wins (win by two). MSNBC Normally:  A bus accident  MSNBC Tonight:  A train derailment into the scene of a bus accident, and also,

What's Up With This Cat?

It’s freaking me out. It’s like the Spider Walk in The Exorcist but weirder.

NPR: Scandals May Cost Obama His Dream of Bipartisanship

That’s adorable. At NPR, which should be lauded for promoting the mentally impaired, a Very Special American named Ron Elving writes: The sudden eruption of second-term scandals in his administration will have many costs for President Obama, but surely the

NPR: Scandals May Cost Obama His Dream of Bipartisanship


It’s time for a full, complete boycott of all of NBC and a boycott of links to all media channels, except in the absolutely legally or ethically required cases. We link a lot of time when it’s easy enough to

Whoever Did This Picture…

…illustrating an article about Buzzfeed’s aggressive promotion of Shepherd Fairely, the guy who did the Obama “BELIEVE” photoshop-claimed-to-be-a-painting… …deserves a raise.