Milo Yiannopoulos


Skittles, I Hardly Knew Ye

The company behind my favourite candy thinks that virtue signalling is a good marketing strategy. Oh well, I’m on a diet anyway.

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Trolls Will Save The World

In today’s maelstrom of grievance and victimhood, only one group boldly swims against the tide: trolls.


Twitter’s Post-Milo Depression

The high cost of running Twitter as a clubhouse for the perpetually-offended emotional children of the left became apparent just six days after my permanent suspension from the site.


Twitter is Where Silicon Valley Careers Go to Die

It looks like it’s every man for himself at Twitter. The company has suffered yet another high-profile departure from its communications department, with executive Jim Prosser leaving the company after four years.

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Leave Britney Alone

Is there something wrong with a woman in her 30s who desires a man more powerful than her? Social justice warriors think so.

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Sometimes They Wink At You

I can’t imagine what Sony’s marketing department was trying to tell us, doing a branding deal with Twinkies.