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California Needs Republican Leadership

Andrew Breitbart and I sat in a hotel coffee shop together not long before he passed away. I was California’s Republican Party Chairman at the time and Andrew was, well, Andrew Breitbart.  We were both speaking at a conference, motivating

California Needs Republican Leadership

Left Hijacks 'Non-Partisan' Redistricting in San Diego

New revelations exposing how labor unions shamelessly rigged the “non-partisan” redistricting process in San Diego is providing case study for how the critical process of drawing legislative district lines can be hijacked by the radical left using multiple front groups.

UPDATE: California Teachers Union Pulls Back Protest Plans

The militant “community organizers” who run the California Teachers Association union have been forced to pull back on some elements of their controversial plan for a Wisconsin-type takeover of the state capitol after it was exposed here on The

Total Makeover: ACORN Edition

Sometimes, the news coming out of Southern California is more entertaining than the movies coming out of Southern California. Last week the 37,000-member California state chapter of ACORN broke away from its national organization to form a new nonprofit group

Impact of Presidential Approval on Mid-Term Elections

Barack Obama’s public approval rating has dropped to as low as 47% in the last week, according to Gallup. Although the President will not appear on the ballot again until 2012, how the public views his presidency will have a

Twitter Invites Zealous Bureaucrats to Regulate its Service

By including Democrat candidates for California elected offices as recommended users and omitting Republicans until only recently, Twitter has drawn the attention of those in government interested in opening the door to state or federal regulation of online campaign activity,

The Hypocrisy of Jerry Brown, California's Top Cop

The Communications Director for California Attorney General Jerry Brown resigned last week after admitting he regularly taped telephone conversations with reporters without their permission. Under California state law, the recording of private telephone conversations without consent is illegal. Although the