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CHARLESTON, WV - MAY 05: Supporters cheer for United States Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump during his rally at the Charleston Civic Center on May 5, 2016 in Charleston, West Virginia. Trump became the Republican presumptive nominee following his landslide win in indiana on Tuesday.(Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

#NeverTrump Needs to Get Over It

It’s time for the self-appointed stewards of “conservatism” to retire the #NeverTrump, stop their petulance, and accept the fact that the people whom they claim to represent—the Republican voters—have sized up their chosen Party candidates against a bombastic Manhattan tycoon outsider and clearly went with Option B.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Donald Trump Sparks GOP Soul-Searching

A well-intentioned article by Noah Rothman in Commentary Magazine offers that Donald Trump’s supporters are the right wing’s version of Obama’s vacuous “Hope and Change” acolytes. Says Rothman: “Trump is the right’s Obama, insofar as his policy preferences are ill-defined, pliable, and reflective of whatever the audience immediately before him wants them to be.” Such comparisons short-change Trump’s supporters.