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Drashaydrian Montell Hunter - AKA Stinky Butt

Texas Police Hunting for ‘Stinky Butt’

Police officers in East Texas are searching for a suspect known as “Stinky Butt.” Officials are asking for the public’s assistance in finding the fugitive.

Kneeling before a King

Brandon Darby: Rural GOP Leaders Were Attacked for Not Kneeling to Kiss Billionaire’s Ring

Breitbart Texas Editor Brandon Darby sounded off on Houston radio about the recent primary elections in Texas, the state of the Texas Republican Party in general, and a “Russian oligarchy-like” scenario in Texas politics that occurred because rural Texas GOP state lawmakers wouldn’t “kiss a billionaire’s ring.” Darby said Texas Republican leadership likes to “romanticize rural Texans by wearing cowboy hats, boots, and Wrangler Jeans,” but their policies actually “strangle rural Texas communities.”

Midland Bodies in Pit - MCSO

REPORT: Bodies Found in Texas Pit Were Shot in Head

Texas authorities have confirmed that two bodies recently found in a pit in Midland Texas had been shot. The two bodies are believed to be connected to the disappearance of two teens in 2015. The confirmation that the victims had been shot and then left in the pit raises a series of new questions.

John Young salutes the U.S. flag at the Descartes landing site on the moon during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity. NASA says the astronaut, who walked on the moon and later commanded the first space shuttle flight, died on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018.

U.S. Longest Serving Astronaut Dead at 87

NASA says legendary astronaut John Young, who walked on the moon and later commanded the first space shuttle flight, has died. Young was 87.

Ibro Palic/Flickr

Texans May Legally Bring Guns to Church, Says Attorney General

Texans licensed to carry firearms may bring their weapons to religious services if specific conditions are met, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton noted Thursday. The official opinion also exempts religious institutions from state fees levied on private organizations which maintain security forces.


Video: Texas Woman Robbed at Gunpoint at Home

Horrifying home video claims to show the armed robbery of a woman on her home’s front porch in Killeen, Texas. Two masked men with pistols can be seen on the porch as the woman cowers in fear and screams.

Brandon Darby with Millie the Milk Cow

Jay Leeson: How Millie the Milk Cow Might Just Change Politics in Texas

Brandon Darby is in overalls, sitting on his wooden front porch, pulling a natural blend American Spirit to light up. He’s anxious. “She wasn’t treated very nicely,” the Breitbart Texas chief says through an exhale of smoke, rubbing a scruffy bearded chin with his palm. “She’s hot and cold. Sweet and aggressive. I think she’s still upset from yesterday.”

campus carry

PRODUCER KENNY: ‘Berkeley Needs Campus Carry’ Like UT

Houston area talk radio host and producer Kenneth Webster shared his thoughts on the early successes of Texas’ campus carry law and why California should match it in an article published by KPRC Radio.

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 05: A doctor speaks with a patient about her high blood pressure, or hypertension, on September 5, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Doctors in the country are demanding higher payments from health insurance companies (Krankenkassen). Over 20 doctors' associations are expected to hold a vote this week …

Waldman: Nine Narratives Explain Persistent Healthcare Failure

Editor’s Note: This Op-Ed was submitted to Breitbart Texas by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and was written by Dr. Deane Waldman, MD, MBA. So many narratives about healthcare abound, it is hard to understand why no one seems able to


‘Cajun Navy’ En Route to Assist with Harvey Rescues

A year after some Louisiana residents, dubbed the Cajun Navy, used their boats and smartphones to help their own neighbors in historic floods, the volunteer fleet was granted clearance to assist in Harvey rescue efforts in Houston, Texas.

repeal-obamacare smoker REUTERSNate Chute

WALDMAN: Three Phrases Define Senate Health Bill

When you read the U.S. Senate’s latest “fix” for our failing healthcare system, three phrases immediately come to mind: much ado about nothing, rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, and the definition of insanity.