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Dems to double down on Koch Brothers attacks

In response to Democrats’ Failed Attacks On The Koch Brothers: Dan, you missed the punchline to your story on the Democrats’ failed attacks on the Koch brothers. Apparently, they have no intention of backing down but are in fact doubling down

Police Fatally Shoot Sword Wielding Man in Kansas City

A man brandishing a sword was shot and killed after he charged an officer in Kansas City, Kansas, Saturday night. According to the police, the incident happened at about 10:00 pm while officers were responding to a armed disturbance. The name

WaPo Factchecker Gives Obama 3 Pinocchios For Bogus Health Care Claim

President Obama continued his tradition of blatantly lying to the American people about ObamaCare during his press conference Wednesday and the Washington Post Factchecker has called him out on it giving him 3 Pinocchios. But it wasn’t just WaPo’s Glenn Kessler

Gov. Jay Nixon's Election Day Tweet Is a Crack-up

Somebody’s butt may be on the line after an inappropriate tweet was posted on Governor Jay Nixon’s Twitterfeed, Tuesday morning. A member of his staff – or perhaps the governor himself – tweeted the following picture to encourage Missourians to

Former BFC Worker Claims Rep. Cleaver Is Lying About Town Halls

Last August, when a radio host in Kansas City asked Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (MO-5) if he had any comments for sick federal workers “fighting the system,”  Cleaver responded “it’s not my job.”  Hundreds of federal workers with cancer, breathing conditions

Former BFC Worker Claims Rep. Cleaver Is Lying About Town Halls

America’s Favorite Ebola Nurse Wins In Court

A Maine judge has ruled that the temporary court order, imposed yesterday on America’s favorite Ebola nurse,  Kaci Hickox, is not binding,  even though the order had been made in consideration of the fact that her roommate  in West Africa had

Latest Poll Has Wendy Davis Losing By 12 Points — Among Women!

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Women were supposed to flock to the “political folk hero” who filibustered a bill outlawing late term abortions in June of 2013.  The MSM certainly did its part to prop up the pro-abortion

Wendy’s 15 Minutes Are Up

In response to Wendy Davis accuses Greg Abbott of wanting to ban his own marriage: Actually Wendy Davis’ fifteen minutes of fame expired some time ago, but apparently no one bothered to tell her. Her campaign is running on the

All The Experts Agree With Obama, Part 6,372

In his Weekly Radio Address, Saturday, President Obama continued his longstanding practice of justifying unpopular policy decisions by claiming the “experts” agree with him.   There can be no-travel ban for West African countries infected with Ebola — because “medical

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver A No-Show At Candidates Forum In Missouri

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-District 5) failed to show up for a candidates forum held Monday night in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  The Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce had invited six area candidates to answer questions important to Missouri voters and five of the

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver A No-Show At Candidates Forum In Missouri