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OPEC Under New Management; Iran's Management

The recent appointment of Islamic Revolutionary Guards veteran Rostam Ghasemi as Iran’s new petroleum minister is not only the Islamic Republic’s latest poke in America’s eye but it is also harbinger of things to come with respect to Iran’s petro-politics.

Obama's 'Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future' Was Good Politics

President Obama had good reasons to welcome spring with a high profile energy policy address. The first anniversary of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig is just three weeks away. The President surely knows that this anniversary will

The Curtain Raiser of Egypt's Democracy

A female journalist was sexually and brutally assaulted by a gang of 200 Egyptians in Tahir Square. What does the terrible personal tragedy of Lara Logan tell us about “modern” Egypt and more broadly about the Arab culture? The most

Oil Spill Response Worsens OPEC/Oil Dependence Dilemma

The three-month oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been a stark reminder of one of the intangible costs of the transportation sector’s near total dependence on oil. But if there was some hope that from this disaster would

Offshore Oil Drilling Ban Enriches Our Enemies

When the founding fathers declared our independence, they could not have imagined that, 234 years later, our nation would be so spectacularly dependent on a market dominated by countries fundamentally hostile to America, some implicitly and some explicitly, for something