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Imagine a Moratorium on Gun Control in 2012

Imagine a five year moratorium on all enforcement of gun laws. What would happen? Would the fears and apprehensions of gun control activists come true? Or, would we see a re-awakening of the electorate’s supervision of our public servants and

Don't Believe In the Gun, Believe In the Citizen

Unsafe streets are unsafer almost entirely due to restrictions on the freedoms of the citizen to act in an emergency involving violence. Though states affirm the armed citizen, major cities refuse. All gun control interferes with the average reasonable person

Safer Streets 2012: Repeal All Gun Laws, Part III.

In Seal Beach, California, a shooter took eight lives by a marauding sweep of a hair salon. The cry for gun control is now surfacing, this time being written, as I see, by contributors who seem to be middle-of-the road

Safer Streets 2012: Repeal All Gun Laws, Part II.

My brand is Safer Streets 2012 because of one essence: safer streets as we all want them are an indicator of a healthier self-rule. You will not get to safer streets nor a self-rule without smaller government first, and that

Safer Streets 2012: Repeal All Gun Laws, Part I.

Gun owners often remark that they carry a gun because a policeman is too heavy. This is cute, but it makes the point. In this country, the citizen is supreme authority, and when a citizen is armed, the law is