John Zmirak

AP Photo

John Zmirak: Trump’s Immigration Stand Is More Catholic than Hillary’s

One of the crucial constituencies in the upcoming election is the Catholic vote, which could be decisive. Swing states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio could turn on how Catholics decide to pull the lever. Recent reports have shown that a surprising percentage of church-going Catholics are leaning toward Hillary Clinton—the most pro-abortion candidate in U.S. history, a woman who has actually called for Christians to be somehow reprogrammed out of our objections to abortion, and who has backed each of the Obama administration’s attacks on religious freedom.

Pope Francis

Open Borders Catholics Falsify Church Teaching—and Profit From It

Pope Francis’ imminent visit to America is being spun by secular media as a political bonus for Democrats. No one, it seems, expects the pope to deliver a speech prophetically denouncing the human organ trafficking of Planned Parenthood, the grave threats to religious liberty in America, or even the ethnic cleansing of Christians from the Middle East.