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Bruce Jenner: Obama's 'Done Nothing' to Earn Nobel

I normally hate revealing “overheard” conversations, but something tells me Bruce Jenner might not mind. Waiting at Reagan National for our bags a few months ago, I was struck by how discerning Mr. Jenner was about politics. — Jenner was

The Grand and Gracious Andy Williams

This story warms my heart: Andy Williams is not a fan of the president: I think he wants to create a socialist country. The people he associates with are very Left-wing. One is registered as a Communist. Yes, that Andy

'Angels and Demons' Unreal from Top to Bottom

“Angels & Demons” upset me. But not for the reason you may think. The new movie, based on the Dan Brown book of the same title, is, of course, full of nonsense. But most of it I expected. The boots,

Jack Bauer and the Pope

[There are spoilers in this post.] 24 isn’t the first thing most people would think of when looking for a pop-culture representation of papal guidance, but if you’ve been watching 24 this season, you’ve seen a taste of what Pope

Rocky, My Man

As you’ve heard, over at National Review Online, we’re going through a list of the best 25 conservative movies of the last 25 years. If you’re a reader of our print edition, you might have seen the full list by

Bush had "people banished to a free speech gulags"

A lot of you here in Big Hollywood live in the real Hollywood so maybe you have a map to this alternative reality Steven Weber lives in? As I saw the last eight years, whether it was at a convention,

Calling George Clooney

Yesterday I mentioned the doc-sitcom Scrubs. Today, comes this news on the Wall Street Journal‘s op-ed page: “Hospital Scrubs Are a Germy, Deadly Mess.” In the last season of another medical drama, ER, will George Clooney have the audacity to

Good Works

For various reasons, I have been thinking a lot about death lately. Most recently, I blame Scrubs. (Spoiler alert.) Without being grim or sectarian, let me summarize. During an episode of the NBC ABC show last night, stars J.D. and