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Abortion Poll: Trump-Pence Mainstream, Clinton-Kaine Extreme

Although Hillary Clinton and the beleaguered Democratic National Committee (DNC) are attempting to paint Donald Trump and Mike Pence as out of step with the country on abortion, recent polling shows that a majority of Americans actually agree with Trump-Pence on this hot-button issue, while Clinton is pushing an abortion agenda that almost 80 percent of Americans oppose.

Justice Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia’s Wisdom on Faith and American Success

At the funeral of Justice Antonin Scalia, his son Paul, giving the homily, cited his father’s belief that the success of America arose from the blessing of God — a blessing experienced in part because of faith’s role in the life of this nation.

Why Dems Are Willing to Flout the Law in Texas 2014 Election

Why Dems Are Willing to Flout the Law in Texas 2014 Election

National Democrats and liberal activists are taking enormous legal and political risks with the lawless activities in Texas caught on the Project Veritas tapes. But they see Texas as such a strategic prize that they believe it’s worth that risk,

Obama Uses IRS to Eliminate His Enemies

Obama Uses IRS to Eliminate His Enemies

“The power to tax involves the power to destroy,” the Supreme Court wrote in 1819, shortly after America began.  Now in 2013, President Barack Obama is launching a frightening attack on free speech, using one of the most feared agencies

Romney/Ryan Ticket Forces Debate on America's Fiscal Crisis

Romney/Ryan Ticket Forces Debate on America's Fiscal Crisis

We do not know who will win the White House in November. But we do know that American politics has crossed the Rubicon on spending and entitlements, and these issues will at long last complete the journey from a forbidden

How States Can Reject and Replace Obamacare

How States Can Reject and Replace Obamacare

Here’s the blueprint for how the states can eviscerate three central pillars of Obamacare, crippling it, and set the stage for replacing it if Mitt Romney takes the White House and the GOP takes the Senate this November.  Many are

Obama’s Power Grabs Create an Imperial Presidency

Obama’s Power Grabs Create an Imperial Presidency

In 2010 we published a book arguing that Barack Obama was creating an imperial presidency. The past few months prove that prediction was correct. First President Obama’s EPA claimed power to create cap-and-trade through new regulations, rather than Congress passing

Evangelicals Will Rally For Romney

Evangelicals Will Rally For Romney

Elections are about choices, and 2012’s pivotal election showcases two very different visions for America’s future. Governor Mitt Romney is quickly consolidating the Republican base to enthusiastically support him this November. His speech this weekend at Liberty University illustrates these

Appeals Court Gives Arizona Partial Victory on Voter ID Law

Appeals Court Gives Arizona Partial Victory on Voter ID Law

Arizona might be going to the U.S. Supreme Court yet again. A federal appeals courtupheld part of the Grand Canyon State’s voter-ID law but struck down another partof Arizona’s law as inconsistent with a 1993 federal law. This might become

The Truth about 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

The Truth about 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Sadly, some are exploiting the Trayvon Martin shooting to target self-defense laws that protect innocent lives. These statutes safeguard law-abiding and peaceable citizens, and are not to blame in the tragic Florida incident. Stand Your Ground laws did not apply

Gen. Boykin Blocked at West Point

A three-star Army general and war hero cannot speak at West Point because he’s an outspoken Christian. From this incident, we see the Obama administration’s hostility toward religion–and especially Christians–continues even to the detriment of our men and women in

Conservatives Make the Case in 2012 for America's Future

The United States is at a fork in the road regarding which way we will go as a people. The 2012 election could be the most important in our lifetime, and conservative leaders have reached a consensus on how to

Holder Race-Baiting About Obama's Re-Election, Not Voting Rights

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched an all-out war on voter-ID laws and other measures to safeguard to the electoral process. Although Holder’s actions are purportedly to prevent African-Americans from being disenfranchised, the reality is that they serve

Perry Can Win If Leadership Trumps Debates

Gov. Rick Perry stated at the outset of his presidential campaign that he is running for president based on his principles and leadership accomplishments, not his oratorical skills. Media focus on his debate missteps deliberately ignores Perry’s record and charisma.

Growing Proof of Obama's Imperial Presidency

President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is on a job-killing rampage. It’s claiming unprecedented powers far beyond what federal law allows. Taken with Obama’s other agencies, these executive actions paint a picture of what has become an imperial

Constitutional Conservatism Is Ready for Prime Time

Liberal pundits are panicking over constitutional conservatism. They shouldn’t, because every child–whether the parents are liberal or conservative–will benefit from constitutional conservatism’s ascendency. If America elects a constitutional conservative president and Congress in 2012, we’ll move forward as a freedom-loving

Hatch-Lee Balanced Budget Amendment Is a Win for America

On Mar. 31, Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to make it a constitutional requirement for Washington, D.C., to end our deficit spending and culture of debt. And our national grassroots organization, Pass the

Obamacare Mandate Much Worse than a Tax

In the Wall Street Journal today, we discuss why the Obamacare mandate is not a tax, and even if it were, it would still be unconstitutional. But there’s much more to the story, which could forever change the reach of

Obama Appointee in Black Panther Case Must Answer for Failure

A situation involving voter intimidation caught on tape has now exploded, as a Justice Department lawyer resigns to be able to tell the truth to the American people that the Obama-Holder Justice Department is allowing voting-rights violations to go unpunished

Opposing Obama's Blueprint by Celebrating American Exceptionalism

On the Fourth of July, we don’t only celebrate the birth of our nation. We celebrate American exceptionalism–everything that makes the United States the greatest nation on earth. In celebrating this, we reject Barack Obama’s blueprint for the kind of

Kagan Opposes Second Amendment Gun Rights

A third instance of Elena Kagan opposing Americans’ Second Amendment right to own a gun became public Thursday, ensuring gun rights will be a major issue in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. It also confirms that President Obama’s gun-control agenda

Border Murder Highlights Administration's Failure

The tragic murder of a Good Samaritan rancher by an illegal immigrant in Arizona has people yelling for an effective response to this outrage. Although most illegal immigrants are just human beings that are desperately seeking to provide for themselves

Demonizing Everyday Americans

There appears to be a concerted effort among the political Left and many mainstream media people to demonize and marginalize the expanding citizen-based movement known as the tea party movement. This effort flows from both a fear of what these

Obama's Big Plans for Justice Department Nominee Johnsen

The Senate is about to act on the nomination of militant leftist Dawn Johnsen to be the chief of the U.S. government’s elite legal team. But that post is a stepping-stone for top judicial offices, including the Supreme Court itself.

Citizens United Huge Step Forward for Free Speech

On January 21, the U.S. Supreme Court empowered ordinary Americans to speak out on an equal footing with millionaires and the media in U.S. elections. Threatened by people being able to freely speak their minds, the president of the United

ObamaCare: Running for Rushmore?

“Ever since Teddy Roosevelt first called for reform in 1912, seven presidents — Democrats and Republicans alike — have taken up the cause of reform time and time again,” President Obama said in a statement hailing the Christmas Eve Senate

Court Strikes Down Law De-Funding ACORN

As Fiscal Year 2010 finally begins, a judge has struck down Congress’ law ending federal funding of ACORN. It’s ironic in that de-funding ACORN was the only example of fiscal restraint we’ve seen from Barack Obama, even more so since

De-Fund Holder's Manhattan Transfer

Ex-White House counsel Greg Craig thought it was a good idea to transfer Elián Gonzalez from the arms of his loving family in Miami into the arms of Fidel Castro. Transfer Elián from Florida to Cuba. Bad idea. Attorney General