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A Solution to Lower Healthcare Costs

If you’ve paid for any healthcare expenses in the years since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, you know that the cost of paying for healthcare expenses continues to rise, leaving many Americans searching for a more affordable way. One solution that is often discovered during this search is known as healthcare sharing.

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** SPONSORED CONTENT** Restoring Faith in Health Care

The 2016 presidential campaign was characterized by discussions of the last administration’s healthcare policy failures and, depending on who you listened to, promises to either change the existing law or do away with it entirely. Things have gotten so bad, even many sympathetic to the previous administration have admitted the government’s so-called solution for American healthcare wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

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**SPONSORED CONTENT**: Americans Are Smart Enough to Make Their Own Healthcare Decisions

As a Christian healthcare sharing ministry, Liberty HealthShare facilitates the sharing of medical costs between its members, like-minded individuals who have committed to shoulder one another’s eligible healthcare costs as a group. Of course each individual has his or her own story, but Liberty believes there are a few key reasons why its members have chosen to approach healthcare costs in this unique way.