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Disney Uses DMCA Claim to Force-Choke Star Wars Fans into Submission

The superfans that run Star Wars Action News, a podcast devoted to Star Wars toys and memorabilia collecting, fell afoul of their Lucasfilm idols by purchasing and posting to Facebook a picture of an action figure which shouldn’t have been released for sale yet.

Michael Yon/Wikimedia Commons

War Correspondent and Veteran Michael Yon Calls Out Facebook Censorship

Legendary independent war correspondent Michael Yon tweeted today that he will be publishing via Twitter as opposed to Facebook following censorship of his posts and comments without “reasonable cause” by the social media giant, who he accuses of arrogance.


World Fantasy Awards Banish H.P. Lovecraft to R’lyeh

The World Fantasy Awards have announced that their awards will no longer be represented by a likeness of H.P. Lovecraft. The announcement came at their annual convention, as first reported by Locus Magazine.