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DHS Drafting Plan to Exclude Migrants Who Need Welfare

Immigration officials are carefully developing a regulation to implement Congress’ long-standing law against the admission of unskilled migrants who cannot afford to live in the United States, a top administration official said August 15.


CEOs Push Trump to Import More Cheap College-Grad Visa-Workers

CEOs are pressing President Donald Trump to dramatically raise the inflow of foreign graduates, but any corporate giveaway would freeze growing hope for a middle-class salary boost before the 2018 or 2020 elections. 


DHS Nielsen Cuts Number of ‘Overstay’ Illegals in 2017

President Donald Trump’s immigration push has gained an 8 percent cut on the number of foreigners who illegally overstayed their tourist, business or temporary work visas during 2017, says a new report by the Department of Homeland Security. 


Judge Orders Trump: Help ACLU Give Legal aid to Deported Migrants

President Donald Trump’s administration must find the deported migrant-parents who separated themselves from their children in the United States, says the Californian judge who is trying to govern the nation’s immigration policies. 


Yoder Admits Catch-and-Release Problem, But Hides Cheap-Labor Visas

Embattled GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder is suggesting he will fix the catch-and-release language which he inserted into the 2019 appropriations bill — but he is not offering any details or offering to fix several other cheap-labor provisions which he added


Progressives Fund Migrants’ Catch-and-Release Strategy

Progressives are raising funds to help released Central American parents unite with their children and settle in the United States. “I’m going to be tweeting about this in the days to come, but if any of you work for an


NBC: Progressives Try to Create ‘Gender Fluid’ Children

A small number of pro-transgender parents are trying to prevent their young boys and girls from learning the basic cultural and biological facts needed to navigate puberty and adulthood, according to NBC news.