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SKWIRCZYNSKI: The Case for Jacob Rees-Mogg

A man of conviction and principles, his voting record shows Rees-Mogg sticking to his Christian beliefs, conservative social values and Euroscepticism.


Polish MP Demands ‘Pest’ Soros Is Stripped Of Country’s Highest Honour

The recent deterioration of George Soros’s public image has been astonishing. Following coverage of his subversive operations across the world – including his efforts to destabilise Poland – now even the establishment media have picked up on his destructive activities, with Bloomberg recently covering his plan to marginalise Israel


UK Govt Warms To Reversal of NATO-Russia Military Build Up

Daniel Kawczynski, Member of Foreign Affairs Select Committee and Chairman of the All Party Group for Poland, is the latest high profile Member of Parliament to call for a change in the relationship between NATO and Russia, specifically asking for