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Her Name Was Neda: A Generational Chance for Freedom

[youtube RlvdC6Z7pWc nolink] Her name was Neda. In Farsi, it means “the voice.” True to her name, she loved music; sought freedom; and she’s dead – shot down in the streets by the Iranian regime’s state sanctioned murderers. She must

'Gran Torino' Conservatives

We live amid a chaotic age. As with the Age of Industrialization’s dawning, this Age of Globalization’s advent is a time of promise and peril, wherein many Americans’ cherished way of life is being “creatively destroyed” by a tsunami of

"C-List" Casting Call: Will Hollywood Conservatives Come Out to Play?

Dear Prudence, Won’t You Come Out to Play? During the Beatles’ 1968 spiritual sojourn to India, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s more corporeal quest for “oneness” with his female acolytes quickly disillusioned John Lennon. As was his wont, Lennon tooled the