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Hey, Kate, Next Time 'Waive' The Speech

As we move into the overpraise season in Hollywood, here’s a new rule for nominees. If you come to the podium, have something to say. Anything. Thank a list, tell a joke…SOMETHING. You’re a professional performer, for goodness sake. The

Aren't Lower Gas Prices The Economic Stimulus?

Got gas yesterday in Westwood. (No, this isn’t a story about Rubio’s) Paid $1.95. Looked around the place, saw a lot of other people paying $1.95. But nobody was smiling. Seems like we were paying at least twice that last

Female Actors

Explain to me why we can’t say ‘actress’ anymore? “She’s such a brave actor” Doesn’t ‘actress’ MEAN an actor of the female gender? And isn’t ‘actress’ infinitely more elegant than ‘female actor’? Who starts this nonsense? Um, romance languages routinely