Which Democrats Get Free Passes?

Starting today, the RNC should offer Free Passes to targeted Congressional Democrats who will agree to vote NO on health care.

The Free Pass should include:

  • A guarantee no national money will be used against the Democrat in the general election.
  • A guarantee if the Democrat wants to jump parties (far less likely), he/she will receive the RNC’s endorsement in the primary & national money in the general.

Yes, Pelosi still faces hurdles. Yes, a government take-over of health care would inflame America’s likely voters and lead to greater Republican gains in November. Yes, we can attempt to repeal it. Yes, we can cheer SCOTUS to rule it unconstitutional.

But, none of these things is worth the current Republican passivity. We have no time for party purity here. Our own focus must be jobs, jobs, jobs. And we cannot get bogged down with “repeal it,” even if we gain power.

Right now, Republicans should be locking down NO votes with as much carrot as we have stick. We’ve put the fear of god into them, for the ones still fence sitting, it is time to offer salvation.

Here’s my list of persuadable Democrats to be offer a Free Pass:

  1. Rep. Dennis Cardoza
  2. Rep. Jim Costa
  3. Rep. John Boccieri
  4. Rep. Henry Cuellar
  5. Rep. Tim Bishop
  6. Rep. John Adler
  7. Rep. Allen Boyd
  8. Rep. Steve Driehaus
  9. Rep. Joe Donnelly
  10. Rep. Marion Berry
  11. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
  12. Rep. Daniel Lipinski
  13. Rep. Michael Arcuri
  14. Rep. Steve Kagen
  15. Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper

From reading reports these are persuadable Democrats. There are certainly more. We need at least ten, so Michael Steele needs to really put an offer out there.

I’d argue we should be very public about it, so we can be kept to our word. If it is kept secret, Representatives will not believe it. Also, this way each Representative’s voters will KNOW the Republican party is truly big tent: we place good policy over party line. On this policy we have a vast majority of Americans on our side, we need to show we can negotiate in good faith, that we can govern.

Yes, it’s just going to suck. Each of these idiots has annoyed us on one issue or another. But, if these are your Representatives (or your Representative is a Democrat) get on the phone, let them know you are a likely Republican voter, a regular donor, and that your vote is up for sale. In this one instance, let them know you’ll be a single issue voter.

We need to play hardball here. There will be other fights to have with these Democrats.