Obama's Emboldened: Our Fight Has Just Begun

This past weekend I was proud to be part of “we the people” who came down to Washington by the thousands to voice their American rights and freedom to say “no” to what we all knew would change our great America into a socialistic America. With this Obama health care, we will now face extreme hardships in every way and Obama is now more dangerous than ever.


His ego has been fanned and he will stop at nothing to try to pass the cap-and-trade bill and he will force all union members to openly sign their votes. We must never forget this blatant and dangerous arrogance by President Obama and Speaker Pelosi and every Democrat leader that voted for this destruction of our great country.

Let us put memos everywhere to remind ourselves to vote all of these socialistic extremists out of office this coming November and thereafter.

God bless every freedom-loving citizen that took time to be part of this outcry.

May God also protect every like-minded citizen to say strong and prevail for the coming legislative onslaught.